Details for ASK A PRO 8/13

Q: A: Frank Culley How can I improve the electrical safety in my home? Take a look at our Website, ( especially the “Home Safety” page. 1. Ask us to do a Home Safety inspection: 2. Pay attention to the age of your smoke detectors. Are they over 10 years old? 3. If you have any receptacles that are loose, please have them replaced. 4. Consider adding additional receptacles to avoid using extension cords. 5. Install Arc Fault breakers on bedroom and living room circuits. 6. Immediately repair/replace anything the Home Safety Inspection shows is life-threatening. EVER-READY ElEctRic “The Intelligent Choice” [805] 934-7091 1010 W. Betteravia Santa Maria, CA 93455 Lic#428707

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