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Frank Culley
Why would I want to have Arc Fault Circuit

One major circuit breaker manufacturer calls
their Arc Fault (AFCI) breakers, “Fire Guard”
Breakers. AFCI breakers monitor circuits looking
for arcing. Standard circuit breakers came on
the scene in 1960. Do you have 60 year old technology
protecting your home? AFCI breakers are a more recent
technology and are now required on all 15 and 20 amp
circuits in new homes. If AFCI breakers are required on
brand new wiring, how much more important would
they be on your older wiring? No question, AFCI breakers
prevent fires and save lives.
“The Intelligent Choice”
[805] 934-7091
1010 W. Betteravia
Santa Maria, CA 93455


John Burgess

The sealed battery lithium ion hearing aids
sound great with a 30 hour use between
charges but what if I forget to charge it
in time since you can’t change out the
There is a new gadget called the mini

turbo charger that will give about 6 hours charge in
7 minutes! It has four full charges available between
recharge so you could go a whole a whole month
without ever plugging in to AC power if you are on

(805) 922-2884

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