Details for Amish Sale

Once a year craftsman furniture event DOn’t miss tHis saLe savinGs Over 40% Off msrP may 17-27 2019 SImPLy AmISh - mAny StyLeS, One StAnDARD mAny PRODuctS PLuS cuStOm ItemS See the On-LIne cAtALOg At SImPLyAmISh.cOm 425 ALISAL ROAD AcROSS fROm SOLvAng POSt OffIce (805) 686-4553 The home ConneCTion mOn.-SAt. 9:30 Am - 5:30 Pm SunDAy 11 Am - 5 Pm SOLvAnghOmecOnnectIOn.cOm

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