Details for American Legacy

AmericAn LegAcy SoLutionS preSentS retirement pLAnning The NuTs aNd BolTs tuesday, may 14th, 2019 1:00 pm-3:00 pm Oasis Senior Center 420 Soares Avenue, orcutt, ca 93455 Light refreshments will be served and we will have raffle prizes. As we build on the foundation of our previous seminars, we all have lots of questions about how to apply that information to your own personal situation. This free educational seminar is designed to take you to that next level of planning and help you gain a deeper understanding of the types of insurance out there that can help safeguard your future and your legacy. for more informAtion contAct: cAroL chybowSki Lic 0j15216 @ 805 254 4416

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