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Monica Gauna
Branch Manager

I have a very stressful job and I continually deal with
how to deal with this problem? What about ergonomics?

I don’t believe I have discussed this previously, but it is
something that many of us deal with on a daily basis.
Definitely ergonomics can play a part in your discomfort,
but I recommend you speak to your HR Department if you
feel that you need some changes in your work station.
Here are some other things that can help that you can initiate on your own.
1. Get away from your desk at regular intervals. No eating lunch
at your desk, take a much needed lunch break. This actually can
stimulate productivity.
2. Supervisors can make impromptu visits to employees and
coworkers, this actually has been found to generate more good
ideas, and increase morale. It’s a good excuse for supervisors to get
up and walk around.
3. There are also exercises and yoga poses that could ease your
stiffness before it sets in. Learn some basic stretches that you can do
at your desk.
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