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Monica Gauna
Branch Manager

Here’s a question for readers, as we get further from January 1, if you made a resolution to increase productivity on
the job, how’s it going?
If you made that promise to yourself or want to jump on board
today, here are some tips to increase your performance at work:
1. Get Organized: Clean up your work area. Organize and
clean-up your emails.
2. Work Efficiently: Return phone calls at times when people
are most likely in their office (8:30-9:30 AM). Set blocks of time to address emails. Schedule your most difficult tasks at a time of day that you
are most efficient (whatever you determine that to be).
3. Minimize Distractions: Go so far as to wear ear plugs if necessary.
Keep room at a temperature that is neither too cold or too hot.
4. Maximize Meetings: Always have an agenda and Start On Time.
5. Fine Tune Communication: Clearly communicate yearly goals, verbal
and written. Check with co-workers to make sure everyone is still on track.
I hope these tips help you to stick to your goal of increased productivity
for 2015.
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