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Arroyo Grande's Brendan Foster was named a recipient of the CIF Spirit of Sport Award for the 2017 winter and spring sports season.

Foster, among the four statewide winners and the two fall recipients, receives a $500 scholarship and was recognized at the year-end CIF Federated Council dinner Friday night in Ontario.

In a CIF press release, the sports-governing body said the, "Spirit of Sport Award recognizes student-athletes who have demonstrated the 16 principles of Pursuing Victory with Honor, are active in school and community service and exhibit leadership qualities. The principles of Pursuing Victory with Honor are the operating principles of the CIF and have been adopted by the 1,582 member high schools throughout the state."

Foster was a four-year member of the Eagles wrestling team and also a four-year member of AVID at AGHS. Foster says he's dedicated to protecting wildlife and their habitats and is involved in environmental efforts to clean-up California parks and trails.

“The mental drive required in wrestling will make a person push themselves beyond what they think is possible and this can help one to succeed in many other things in the future,” Foster said, according to the press release. “There will be both wins and losses which keep a person humble and remind one to always work as hard as they can and give everything their very best. Wrestling is a great reminder that the only way to get better is dedication, practice and to keep looking forward to the future.”

“Brendan is a willing learner and listener on the mat and in the classroom,” Arroyo Grande wrestling coach Kent Hubert said. “I’ve seen his drive to excel in class is equal to his determination to succeed athletically. He asks questions, provides insight and opinion, and supports his classmates. He is a respectful, honest, dedicated student-athlete who has a bright future in whatever he chooses.”

Orland High's Aileen Flynn, Granada Hills Charter School's Bianca Peña and Marysville's Chase Tarr were the other three winners for the winter and spring seasons.

“The student-athletes throughout California are learning valuable life lessons on the athletic fields and in the gymnasium classrooms that might not be learned in any other environment,” said CIF Executive Director Roger L. Blake. “These recipients have exemplified the Spirit of Sport and reflect the positive elements of Pursuing Victory with Honor, reinforcing the value of education-based athletics.”

The winners also received a patch and an award for their victories in the Spirit of Sport.


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