SMV Calling all artists
Contributed Photo, Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce

The Santa Maria Valley exports a wide range of products from vegetables to industrial goods and the Chamber of Commerce is hoping to unite them all under a new logo.

“The Santa Maria Valley produces, grows, creates and manufactures many products that are used throughout the United States and around the world,” said Glenn Morris, president and CEO of the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce. “There should be a common and consistent logo that says they are made right here in the Santa Maria Valley.”

Any individual, company, group or organization, that doesn't work for the Chamber, can participate in the “Made in the Santa Maria Valley” Logo Design Contest no matter training or skill level. The logo should "create a strong, consistent message that reflects all the products created, developed and produced in the Santa Maria Valley," according to contest guidelines.

It will be used online, in print and on merchandise. Director of Economic Development Dave Cross mentioned fire hoses, wine and T-shirts as just a few examples of what the "Made in the Santa Maria Valley" logo might end up on.

"The concept came up when I was looking at all the things we make in Santa Maria, everything from agriculture to the products we make through manufacturing," Cross said. "We are very diverse and make thousands of products here in Santa Maria but no one knows it and we should take ownership of that."

The logo will be used by the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Commission for various projects and will also be accessible in the public domain for companies, agencies and organization in the area to use without cost or copyright concerns.

"I’ve had a chance to look as some as they’ve come through and I’m amazed at the talent and ingenuity," Cross said.

Representatives of several local industries will be on the judging committee for the contest as well as members of the Chamber's board of directors and staff and the Economic Development Commission. The deadline for the contest is fast approaching, with submissions due Friday.

The winner receives $400 and will be announced at the Chamber of Commerce's Manufacturers Tours & Forum meeting on Aug. 25.

"I think it’s exciting," Cross said. "I think a lot of businesses and companies will start to use it and I think it will really bring some identification to the Santa Maria Valley."

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