Trump may inadvertently serve us

We regularly see muddled thinking from right-wingers in this Letters to the Editor section, but a letter complaining about criticism of Trump family travel costs and suggesting media should shift attention to the Clintons rather than Trump may take the cake.

First, the letter very, very mistakenly compares Trump family travel expense to Obama's. Among the many facts overlooked by Trump supporters is that 20 percent of Trump's time in office has been spent on the golf course. And Trump family travel is on a pace that in one year will approach Obama's eight-year cost to taxpayers.

But a more central fact is whoever is President is automatically always in focus. The state of the union is on him though this narcissist spends little time on that. Obviously, the press has a huge responsibility to focus on Trump, not private citizens Bill, Hillary and Barack.

Nothing could be more obvious. It's not the fault of the press that Trump says or does something strange, unethical or, at best, simply harebrained on a daily basis. But it's possible Trump supporters are a bigger, more dangerous threat to America even than Trump and his family.

Forty-five percent of them don't believe Trump Jr. met with a Russian despite the fact that he himself admits it. Those who have this preference for illusions, are diligent in protecting them by disregarding actuality. Real news is a threat to them, so they, like Trump, call it fake. This blind, gullible, unthinking mentality will be an ongoing threat long after Trump is gone.

At election time, lazy but sane Americans need to flood the voting booths for a change. Maybe Trump will inadvertently serve us by being the wake-up call that the crazies are taking over.

Jack Miles

Santa Maria

Join us in beautification effort

The Lompoc Beautification and Appearance Commission meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m., in a conference room at City Hall.

Meetings are open to the public, who are welcome to address the Commission at the meeting.

As commissioners drove through the city as part of the Say It With Flowers campaign, we were impressed by the many front yards that residents have lovingly planted and maintained. It's obvious that many residents really want their own homes, and by extension, the city we live in, to look as good as possible.

Some businesses have also gone out of their way to make their premises look inviting.

We're aware that there are groups and individuals working on this goal, informally or as part of organized activities.

The problem is that these groups and individuals are not always aware of each other's existence, and there is little communication among them.

We'd like to change that, by inviting anyone interested in making and keeping Lompoc looking good to come to the next meeting.

We can get acquainted and share ideas, interest each other in what we've been doing and would like to do.

If you are working on your own or as part of a group to make Lompoc look good, you would be very welcome to come to this meeting.

Judith L. McKinnon