Tribal deal is criticized

I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I am in the proposed memorandum of agreement the county has entered into with the Chumash tribe.

The lack of transparency is appalling and the failure to get a commitment from the tribe not to engage in any commercial activities on the Camp 4 property in perpetuity, or at least until the county rezones the surrounding areas as commercial, is shocking.

Native tribes are always saying they are the protectors of the land, so if that is the case they should agree to the prohibition of no commercial activities.

Springing this on the public and giving them less than a week to digest the entire agreement is disgusting. The county seems to have capitulated to the tribe and is not protecting the landowners in the Valley. There is a concentrated effort by citizens in the Valley to make sure that HR 1491 does not pass, though it appears the county has given up the fight.

This agreement appears to end in 2040, but what then? Can we expect to see a multi-story hotel on the property, a golf course and commercial buildings? Why did the Valley even go through the hours of work involved with developing the Valley Blueprint to have it ruined by the possible commercialization of Camp 4?

Please contact your supervisor and ask them to protect the Valley and not enter into this absurd agreement.

Mike Hadley

Santa Ynez

Show respect for the nation

The National Anthem was adopted in 1931. The “Star Spangled Banner” was written as a patriotic song, its purpose to evoke the country's past traditions as well as its history.

They must play it in many different occasions, including sports as well as  national festivals.

The utmost respect must always be given wherever the National Anthem is played, especially when the American flag is being raised, showing your respect removing your hat and putting your right hand over your heart.

How many of these over-paid athletes have ever served our country? According to the NFL rule book they must all stand. If the owners do not respect this ruling they are just as guilty as the players.

Show your support and give up watching these players that disrespect our great country.

Mickey Freeman

Santa Maria