Thankful for Good Samaritan and my turkey

On Monday night I went to the Walmart food store on Bradley Road and I was in line to purchase my turkey. I had problems with my debit card, and I noticed I was holding up the line. The cashier ran my debit card two or three times and it wouldn't allow me to make my purchase.

Already feeling stressed out and in tears, the cashier behind me came up to me and told me a gentleman had wanted the cashier to give me $40 (of the gentleman's money) to purchase my turkey.

Whoever this gentleman was I just wanted to say thank you so very much for his generosity and being such a Good Samaritan. This Thanksgiving I am extra thankful because of this. Happy thanksgiving to whoever you are.

Vanessa Flores

Santa Maria


Public should have had say in tree removal

As I write this letter the City of Santa Maria is busy cutting down the century old eucalyptus trees that line the part of McCoy between Broadway and the railroad tracks.

These trees are a century old (they were planted in the early 1900s.) In those 100 years they grew into giants, and to my knowledge none have fallen or caused damage to nearby homes.

Their removal is what the City has called a preemptive action. More than a dozen trees are down, with more to follow. By the time this letter reaches The Times, only a few will remain.

I have no idea of the number of trees that posed a real threat. Their aesthetic beauty will never be replaced by what the City says are "appropriate trees." The urban canopy of Santa Maria is poorer, and years will pass before the new trees will provide shade or beauty.

To my knowledge there are no procedures in place to allow the public to have a say in this kind of action. The only notice I got from the City was a notice that they would be trimming trees on my street, Spyglass Drive.

I don't think it is an exaggeration to say that many people should have had the opportunity to express their feelings about this action. The City should be obliged to have public hearings to give people an opportunity to ask questions/express their opinions. We pay taxes and our democracy gives us this right.

Bonnie Ryan

Santa Maria