Supporting the elites

If a man robs a bank, and I give him sanctuary, am I not aiding and abetting a criminal? Because he has kids and a wife, and I don’t want to tear a family apart, does that make my aiding legal? Absolutely not.

So, where do Democrats and our governor get off obstructing federal law?

The U.S. Constitution states the federal government controls immigration. Arizona learned that when it fought the Obama administration over illegal immigrants.

A question for political elites — who do you represent? Illegals are not citizens of this state or this country. They are here illegally, sucking up jobs, crowding our schools and emergency rooms. Thank a Democrat when you can’t get a job unless you are bilingual, when our schools fail and teachers blame it on students whose second language is English, when emergency rooms are packed with people who have no insurance and few, if any, speak English.

The new DMV office in Lompoc built to give illegals a driver’s license. We citizens get the overcrowded, old, understaffed Santa Maria office.

Illegals have anchor babies knowing that Democrats won’t deport them. They then get food stamps because the baby is a citizen due to birth. Now the Democrats are providing taxpayer money to illegals for lawyers to fight our government’s immigration policies. Why? For votes. They know in the future these families will always vote Democrat.

To Democrats, the Constitution, laws and legal citizens mean nothing. What matters is the vote. Where in the Constitution they swore to uphold do illegals have any right to representation?

Ellis Romero

Santa Maria

Weapons and peace

If there is one thing most of us can agree on, it is the value of living in a peaceful world.

Having weapons of mass destruction does not give us peace, particularly in the hands of the wrong people. Assault weapons were designed for war, not a peaceful society. Do we really want to make these weapons available to anyone? Do we want our country to turn into a war zone or do we want peace?

A knife can be a serious weapon in the hands of the wrong person. I was in a park in Los Angeles with a friend when I was attacked by an assailant with a knife, who stabbed me.

An ambulance were called and I was rushed to USC Medical Center. I did not know how serious my injury was, and if I would come out of it alive.

The hospital was like a war zone. Fifty people were admitted on an average weekend night, many victims of gunshot and knife wounds. It was a busy night. Ironically this was Halloween night 1969, and I was 24 years old.

The most important purveyor of peace should be our government and our president. They should support laws that protect all the citizens first.

It is a concern that a person can become president without any qualifications, experience or a stable temperament. A president who could threaten to wipe a nation off the face of the Earth is a threat to world peace, and is more dangerous than an assault weapon.

Both parties should be accountable to voters for their nominees for president. Any other job in the United States requires an applicant to qualify for the job.

Stephanie Palomarez

Santa Maria