Still standing with Trump

I'll admit I'm a President Trump supporter and have been since May 2016 when he threw his hat in the political ring and won over 16 politicians.

Do you believe the many thousands of voters who elected President Trump all to be "his Nazi Friends"? We are patriots, not neo-Nazis, white supremacists or any other group working against our president.

How many times does one have to say “no” for it to be taken seriously? As for the violence in Virginia, this was a rally disrupted by a non-permit group with weapons. Are you a peaceful person when you bring shields, bats, cover your face so you will not be recognized and clash with police?

Where did they get the finances to disrupt not only this rally but other rallies across this nation?

Our president was criticized for voicing an opinion. Were past presidents questioned on their every move like what is being done

to Mr. Trump and his family? I think not.

Rallies once were a way to voice, in a legal way, your opinion. Freedom of speech allows us to express our opinion without the threat of bodily harm. What is happening to this great country I once knew?

Anita Dwyer


Just ignore those haters

While living in Idaho in the 1990s, there was an organization the FBI referred to as a "terrorist threat" called the Aryan Nation. 

Especially after the Ruby Ridge shootout with the FBI in 1992, the country thought those who lived in Idaho were white supremacists. Amazing how such a small minority of citizens could draw national attention.

It seemed the entire country knew all about the Aryan Nation. These mostly men were also referred to as skinheads. Every couple of years the Aryan Nation would have a rally and march through the streets of Coeur d'Alene. Most of us who lived there knew they were trying to garner publicity and get recruits. We could have gone downtown and protested their rally, which no doubt would have led to fights and arrests.

It would have accomplished exactly what they wanted — attention. If we ignored them and no one was on the streets to listen to their hate speech, all they did was waste time and money. It accomplished nothing.

How different would it be today if anti-protestors had stayed home in Charlottesville and let the white supremacists march, chanting and yelling to no one. No fights, no arrests, no attention, no city money wasted on security — and no publicity.

Whether one group chants about killing police officers or another group makes disparaging comments about one's religion or ethnicity, they're all hateful. All hate groups should be ignored. If no one is there to listen, and more importantly, if the media ignores them, the group has no voice and will eventually give up or dissolve, which is what most of us want.

Avoid the conflict and ignore these groups. You have the choice.

David Dickinson

Santa Maria