Smothering local efforts

First, you go to every business and most every home, especially if it is a rental, and give citations for everything you can think of, because it’s probably in the code somewhere.

Second, you make it very difficult for persons to build or re-do homes or buildings, with countless requirements, because it’s probably in the code somewhere.

Third, you raise all fees to way beyond those in other cities, larger or similar size, so even if someone wanted to build or refurbish here, they would probably say to heck with it, we'll go elsewhere.

In the Sept. 20, 1928, Gazette — yes, Guadalupe had a paper then — an editorial stated: "Did it ever occur to you that nothing really progressive can be accomplished in Guadalupe until everyone begins working for the same thing at the same time? With four or five 'factions' all arguing for their own pet plan how can anything be done?”

Nearly 90 years later, the same pretty much holds true. The focus should be on bringing businesses to town and everyone, including administration, supporting as best they can whatever will bring this about.

Shirley Boydstun


Doctors should act on pelvic discomfort

I read with sadness the "Your Cancer Answers" published Sept. 19. I know all too well that early detection of ovarian cancer doesn't happen because doctors do not order simple ultrasound or CT images when women complain of pelvic discomfort.

My mom's tumor grew to seven inches while she was told for a year to go home and take a Tylenol. And then she waited months for a colonoscopy. She was in her 70s and an image of her ovaries was the last thing the doctor ordered.

She had all the symptoms of ovarian cancer that whisper to us but the doctor did not listen. Doctors need to take women seriously when they complain of pelvic discomfort and women need to demand the image screening they deserve to detect ovarian cancer tumors.

Camina Tripodi

Santa Maria

Four-story building bad planning

Our city Planning Commission has approved a four-story building to be built on a quarter-acre at Main Street and Broadway, with the top three floors residential, as many as 30 apartments with no onsite parking allowed. Residents will need to get permits and park in the mall parking structure. That's not good planning. The 7-11 that was proposed would have been more appropriate for this location 

Raymond Ross,

Santa Maria

Make College Drive safe for bicyclists

It has now been over a year that College Drive between Battles Road and Betteravia has been either unavailable or hazardous to bicyclists. The traffic congestion in that part of town is getting worse. I think that finishing off College Drive so that it can once again be a north-south conduit would be a very good, smart thing to do. 

Carolyn Krantz

Santa Maria

Thankful for help with July 4th rocket fire

It's taken a long time to get things back to normal since a July 4th rocket exploded at ground level and set my 70-foot hedge on fire. Thanks to those who rushed in and helped fight the fire with hoses and buckets of water, and finally thanks to the arrival of our firefighters, who had to use foam to keep it from spreading to the house.

George T. Baker

Santa Maria