Real safety for Americans

Vice President Pence praised police and called for keeping victim's “names ... and their stories ... forever be etched into the hearts of Americans.”

Fine, but how does he propose to keep the rest of us and our families safe from such carnage? We are all at risk, as were those innocent concert goers out for some fun and music.

The first responsibility of government is to protect the well-being of the people. Thoughts, prayers and etching names do nothing to keep us safe.

Presidents, vice presidents and members of Congress know the risk we all face in American society today. But while they are encased in armored cars, metal detectors, squads of gun-toting protectors, we citizens are left completely vulnerable.

Your wife, children and grandchildren are at risk every time they enter the public space, and all Pence does to protect them is offer "thoughts and prayers.”

He and all government officials are shirking their most sacred duty in office to ensure they get elected again and again and not offend anyone in the process.

Vote these kinds of people out of office before the horror comes to your family. Demand office holders have strong, effective proposals against what happened in Las Vegas.

William Gloege

Santa Maria

Too much to do for tantrums

Hello, it is Friday, Oct. 13.

Trump is throwing a temper tantrum, pure nihilism. He hates Democrats, he hates Republicans, he hates his White House staff. He hates newspapers, he hates television.

He hates the Iran treaty, he hates the ACA (Obamacare), he hates the State Department, he hates judges and courts. He hates any rules or guidelines that relate to climate change.

He really only loves golf, and what he sees in the mirror. He would, literally, throw your mother under the bus for an applause line.

Meanwhile the following is on the agenda before the end of the year.

-- The government needs to be funded by Dec. 8.

-- The debt ceiling needs to be lifted by Dec. 8.

-- Congress is considering additional Iran-related bills.

-- The children's health insurance program -- SCHIP -- has expired.

-- The president has already asked Congress to work on a new policy for so-called Dreamers to replace DACA.

-- Trump just announced he will stop making CSR payments, which help insure poor people. Congress might get involved in this

-- Congress is trying to clear tax reform by the end of 2017. Republicans fear they will lose both chambers if they do not pass tax legislation.

-- Regardless of what anybody says, the tax plan under discussion greatly favors the wealthy, with very little for the middle class.

All of this has gone from very disappointing to outright dangerous and destabilizing.

Mark Preston


Stop! It's a four-way stop

This is for all you who travel through the intersection at "C" and Olive Avenue on the southside in Lompoc. This is, and always has been a four-way stop.

Early this morning my husband's car, which was parked in front of our home, was totaled.

I sit most nights and watch about half the cars traveling through this intersection drive through without stopping, and at such a high speed they come off the ground, or bottom out.

Our car can be replaced, but at some point someone is going to get hurt.

Next time you come to that intersection, and make a conscious decision to go through without stopping, remind yourself there are three other streets that meet here. Which car will decide not to stop at the same time.

Who wants to take the chance of not making it home.

Jennifer Winston