Information vs. rumors

To the reader who thinks marijuana is an evil, according the World Health Organization, alcohol kills approximately 4 percent of the worlds’ population every year. That’s more than all the world’s wars, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis deaths, and all of the other drugs we use.

Is that evil enough for you? How about all the families destroyed daily by alcohol dependence? Or, the 20-plus DUI deaths that happen every day in this country. Is that evil enough for you?

You say you are afraid of your food being contaminated by drugs, then don’t order alcohol with your meal.

The reader also states drug users and dealers lie. That’s an understatement. But tell me, have you ever tried to get an alcoholic to tell the truth? Usually they are the only person who believes their own lie.

You know who else lies? The government, specifically Jeff Sessions and his cronies. We do not know how to use drugs in this country. We only teach people to not do drugs, or have sex, or whatever else we want to keep them ignorant about.

Instead of living in fear, arm yourself with education. Buy a book or go online and learn about drugs and drug dependence. Don’t rely on others to do it for you. If you do, they have control over you.

Don’t fight marijuana legalization, it’s already here.

Raymond Winters

Santa Maria

Legal pot a pleasant surprise

I live in Colorado, the first state to legalize recreational marijuana. Aside from the millions of dollars recreational marijuana brings in for Colorado, our crime rates have also decreased.

Fatal auto crashes have decreased. Domestic violence and other violent crimes also. Since recreational pot was legalized, our justice system can focus more on serious crimes. Medically, opiode addiction has decreased. People who suffer with epilepsy, Parkinsons, MS, chronic pain have had improvements in quality of life with marijuana, much more than pharmaceutical meds.

Like alcohol, pot is not intended for kids and parents need to take precautions, and lock up marijuana and related products. Black market pot sales are almost a thing of the past in Colorado. Saying pot is evil, or will create crime is not true and maybe do some research. People tend to be negative about things they know nothing about.

Voters want it, and it's going to be reality, and you will be pleasantly surprised when it doesn't inflict anything negative in your lives. When millions of dollars start pouring in from pot taxes, California will benefit immensely in many ways. It will create thousands of jobs. New businesses will open. Crime will decrease. Try being open minded. Its a win win situation for everyone.

Thoma Massucci

Durango, Colorado

Hold lawmakers accountable

I watched the upheavals in Charlottesville on television Aug. 12. Both sides were inspired by wrong-thinking people. Communists on one side and fascists on the other. It appears that too many Americans don't know what a Communist or a fascist is. I will make it as simple as possible. Both sides are socialist.

Socialism is necessary in a modern dictatorship, so that a private sector cannot cut off a military that is ruling its country by force. Communists start by rallying the underprivileged behind them, and convincing them that everyone else is their adversary. Fascists will rally everyone else behind them, convincing them that the underprivileged are their adversaries.

Upheavals like the one in Charlottesville are inspired to tempt our lawmakers to pass bills centralizing more power in government. We already have civil rights laws, labor laws and environmental laws that are steps toward government control of our defense industries, and violate the 10th Amendment of our Constitution. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Constitution or any civil rights lawyers who think they know the Constitution, the 10th Amendment is the one that limits the federal government to the powers specifically delegated to it.

Americans need to wise up to subversive activities and hold our lawmakers accountable when they violate the Constitution.

James Caldwell