Following all the laws

Congress passed a bill long ago, and the president signed that bill into law, making all forms of cannabis illegal and subject to prosecution.

Many Americans have gone to jail or prison for violating that law. Some prisoners in federal prisons are serving sentences for cannabis violations.

The oath of office sworn by the Lompoc mayor, council members, and chief of police states they will solemnly swear or affirm they will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the state of California against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The Lompoc City Council just voted to legalize cannabis. Those council members so voting are violating their sworn oath and the law of the United States. The police chief should warn those council members to cease and desist, or be arrested. Otherwise the chief will be violating his sworn oath.

The enemies of the Constitution are domestic in this present case. The enemies are the state Assembly, Senate, governor and courts. Let not the Lompoc mayor, council members, and chief of police prove themselves to be enemies of the Constitution also. They must honor their oath or resign.

David Grill


Real friends helping out

I would like to give my sincere thanks to all the concerned drivers on Highway 246 who stopped to help put out a vehicle fire that started in the engine of my 1970 VW van.

When I noticed a problem I thought was only minor smoke, a driver pulled over to the shoulder exactly when I did. He said he was an off-duty fireman and that I had a vehicle fire. Soon, he was proven right.

He had a fire extinguisher but was unable to put out the fire, which was dangerously close to the gas tank. Surprisingly, within minutes maybe 10 to 15 other drivers pulled over to help, many had fire extinguishers. All eager to help.

Then the fire Department came and went to work. The fire was quickly put out while sheriff’s deputies and Highway Patrol officers controlled traffic. No one was hurt and there was no brush fire.

Although the loss of my van was like losing an old friend, the silver lining to this dark cloud was a warm reminder that we live in an awesome community with good and caring people.

Steve Hartstein

Santa Ynez