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City needs to do more to clean up

Our city needs to do more to clean up the amount of litter and trash on our streets. The term "revitalization" keeps being tossed around, yet every street and highway around Santa Maria is strewn with trash and debris.

You can find abandoned carts, couches, and mattresses in any field. It seems our residents have forgotten how to put litter in its place, or secure their trash bins. I see numerous trash bins open on pick-up days, with birds (and humans) sorting through them.

The wind blows the trash out of the bin and all down the street. Perhaps code enforcement can drive through neighborhoods and make citations. If the residents were fined for their infractions, there would be enough money to pay for more code enforcement officers and our city could look clean again.

Carmen Spoerer

Santa Maria

What is the hidden purpose behind shutdown?

Democratic senators’ no votes, including those of our Feinstein and Harris, resulted in shutting down the government and stopping services and pay for employees.

Note that Feinstein, Harris, Pelosi paychecks are not impacted during their political shenanigans. They may pretend to be champions of those individuals whose parents illegally brought them into this country, but shutting down the government is not extending their pending legal deportations.

Chuck Schumer protests too much. Leading his lemmings in lockstep under the disingenuous guise of concern insures the eventual deportation of DACA young people, and blaming the inevitable result on President Trump and the Republican party.

I have learned not take political speak at face value and question motivations of the speakers. It is critical that the Democrats of California do likewise.

Ted Suchecki