On Dec. 14 Nipomo FFA traveled to Nipomo Elementary to educate fourth and fifth graders about the endless possibilities they can discover through the FFA organization. The event was planned carefully and diligently by the Nipomo FFA Leadership class.

The event had eight different booths for the students to travel to including a booth that explained what FFA is, a floral arrangement booth, a booth where the kids could plant their own seeds into a cup filled with soil, a soil horizon edible booth, a chemical reaction booth, an agricultural mechanics booth, and even a petting zoo including a pygmy goat and a baby lamb.

The idea behind holding this event was to inform and excite the next generation on what agriculture is, and how important it can be in each of their lives.

After asking Angela Bowles, one of the driving forces behind the event, what she thought of the event she replied, “I very pleased by how the event turned out. Getting to see these students' faces light up by all the exciting activities they were able to participate in was very heartwarming to me, because I worked very hard to make this event happen. I am so happy we were able to get these kids excited about FFA and teach them how important agriculture is. I hope to see this event continue for many years to come.”

The event will go down as a major success for the Nipomo FFA chapter. It was truly an honor to be able to educate the future generation on what they can look forward to doing once they reach high school. This event made for an exhilarating day with many smiles and laughs shared. Nipomo FFA looks forward for the years to come putting on this event.