Camp Fire Central Coast members show off a blanket they made as part of Project Sweet Dreams.


Youth in pre-K through 12th grades give back to our community through participation in Camp Fire Central Coast and various community service projects throughout each year, beginning and ending with the school year, respectively.

Camp Fire Central Coast has participated for the third year in the Project Sweet Dreams cause. Over the past few weeks, 60 youth made 70 blankets which will be given to homeless children and children in crisis. The blankets were made possible by Thrivent Financial through a grant of $250 to purchase the fabric.

During their weekly club meetings, children and teens chose brightly colored fabrics and paired them with playful designs, tying together the front and the back to create a special tie-blanket made with love and care.

Among all of Camp Fire's community service projects, Project Sweet Dreams is a favorite of the group's youth as well as club leaders, most of whom are working dads and moms.

"Making the blankets is just so fun - and an easy way to give back," said club leader Michelle Houseman.

Rebecca McClintock, Camp Fire office manager, said "A little kindergartener and her mother dropped off the blanket she had made. As she showed me the owls on the front of the blanket, her shyness dissolved into a great big smile that reflected her pride in knowing she had done a great job - and that her hard work would help another child stay warm."

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Each year, the project culminates with the "Cuddle Up Tea" event where youth bring a stuffed animal and bundle them up with their blanket and a pillow, handmade by Irene Kilstrom, founder/director of Project Sweet Dreams. This year's Tea will be Nov. 18.

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