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Tea Party is anti-American

2013-10-30T00:30:00Z Tea Party is anti-AmericanTony Hyman Santa Maria Times
October 30, 2013 12:30 am  • 

Tea Party adherents claim they love America, and I'm sure they think they do. Unfortunately loving America for them doesn't mean loving Americans.

If they loved Americans, they wouldn't be taking away their health care. If they loved Americans, they wouldn't be making it easy to get access to automatic weapons and kill other Americans.

If they loved Americans, they wouldn't throw Americans out of work or cause companies to fail by shutting down they government. If they loved Americans they wouldn't threaten to default on debts, many of which are owed to Americans.

If they loved Americans, they wouldn't claim to hate taxes while costing us Americans ten of millions of dollars a day in additional interest, thanks to their histrionics.

Loving America is no more than empty words if you don't love Americans. Real Americans who honor American principles of equality, compassion and religious values need to vote these grade-school bullies out of office.

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