Let me tell you about our great St. Mary’s School.

Students are all working daily to become faithful Catholics, productive citizens, persons of integrity and life-long learners.

Faculty and staff are hard-working and dedicated, loving their jobs and the children they serve.

The parents are amazing. Though they are contractually obligated to give 40 hours of service yearly to either the school or church, many do much more. Our coaches are volunteer parents. Each day we have parents/grandparents help with the hot lunch program, in the classroom and on the playground.

We work very hard to maintain a balanced budget, but unfortunately, this year we have had an unexpected major expense, and need your help.

The original school building and convent were built in 1938. The convent has been transformed into a thriving pre-school. What started out as a $5,000 water shutoff valve under the convent escalated in to an over $35,000 gas-line replacement project. The pre-school portion is completed now and the children are safe and warm.

However, another area of the school has need of a gas-line replacement. These repairs are not complete, and grades 2-8 are currently without heat.

An angel has come forward and promised the school $1 for every $4 donated for the gas-line repairs. That is a 20-percent bonus on all contributions. So, if you give the school $20 for our repairs, our angel will contribute another $5 up to a $10,000 gift.

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In the past, you have been very kind and generous to our children. It is our hope you will be able to assist us financially at this time.

Jeannette Tabar

Santa Maria