With so much controversy regarding Obamacare, you may be interested in our family's experience.

I am a retired engineer on Medicare, and my wife had long been insured by Cigna, under a group plan from my engineers' society. Because of minor pre-existing conditions, she could not leave that plan, because no other plan would insure her.

The Cigna premiums increased to $5,000 per quarter, or $20,000 per year, just for my wife. This year, Cigna canceled the entire plan, leaving her with no insurance.

So, we turned to Obamacare. She found it simple and easy to sign up through an agent in a 10-minute phone call. She obtained their best plan, providing much much better coverage than in the past, at a cost of $3,000 per quarter.

My wife would not have insurance coverage at all as of Jan. 1, if not for Obamacare. And, here's the kicker - we now are saving $8,000 per year, for a very much better plan.

I told this experience to a conservative friend. He said that's nice for us, but Obamacare is still bad because it is "big government telling us what to do, and fines us if we have no insurance."

I answered that if you found your neighbor lying in the street from a heart attack, would you call 911? Of course he would. We all would. And if that neighbor has no insurance, then insured citizens will ultimately pay his or her medical expenses through higher medical costs.

If we accept mandatory auto insurance, then why should mandatory health insurance be any less reasonable? Draw your own conclusion.

As for my family, we love Obamacare.

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It is wonderful your wife was able to secure insurance with "minor preexisting conditions". I can surely see why you would be very happy. But Alan, just as you are very happy with Obamacare, many others are having their premiums/deductibles/out of pocket maximums doubled and tripled. You must agree, it is good for you, but certainly not good for the majority.

What your conservative friend should have said is Health care needed to be tweaked especially with regard to pre-existing conditions, but the entire health care system did not need to be over-hauled. Obamacare is projected to have a devastating effect on our economy, all the while, not even coming close to it's stated purpose of insuring the majority of uninsured.

After the first year the system will re-set prices based on the pool of folks who signed up. If not enough young healthy folks and middle income healthy folks signed up for these expensive policies, the premiums/out of pockets, etc. will be increased to cover the expenses of all the very sick, poor folks who Have signed up. Somehow all these newly insured people have to be paid for. So if the young and healthy middle aged can no longer afford these policies, we will then have a NEW group of uninsured...The penalty being far less than the cost of insurance.....What then Alan? It may sound wonderful to you today, but what does the future hold?


I'm so glad you got here before I did. I know I would have said something snarky, and mean.

You, on the other hand, summed it up perfectly.



Thanks for the compliment. You are welcome!


Your example that auto insurance being mandatory is incorrect!

Even with mandatory insurance, 20% of drivers have zero insurance. The promise of lower rates because of the new mandatory requirement 25 years ago never came true.

Just like the promise of lower rates from Barack O’ Care are not true. It is the opposite.

The previous system with the poor going to the emergency room and sticking everyone with the cost will seem CHEAP after this terrible new plan is implemented!

Most people will not consider your $8000 every quarter to be an improvement at all. The pre-existing condition problem could have been solved by the free market if government had not added so many requirements for insurance that many companies have left the state and not bothered at all!

To solve this, we need LESS government involvement in the health markets- not more.

Government will only make this worse- as we are already seeing.

Your example of help for yourself is like burning down everyone’s home- so the few homeless have more burned out buildings to choose from when they look for a place to sleep at night.

Barack O’ Care is not a solution. It is a terrible complication that will only make things worse!


This plan is helping almost no one!

“Obamacare enrollees become urban legend”


“Oh My: Just 51,000 Americans Have Enrolled in Federal Obamacare Exchanges?”



More than two weeks of Barack O’ Care and we have this, still! Many others states are just like this- with ZERO enrollees!

Billions of dollars and THREE YEARS to be ready and it is a failure!!!

“Alaska Gets Zero Obamacare Enrollees”

--- This system that cost more than $400 million, took three years to build, and was billed as a one-stop shop for individuals seeking health insurance is not working as advertised,” Murkowski wrote. “In its first two weeks of operation, I am told that no one was able to enroll in the Alaska Exchange.”

Enroll Alaska chief operating officer Tyann Boling confirmed Monday that no one from the state has enrolled as of late last week. ---



All sorts of stories like Pacela's popping up across our country.


Really? Where are they? The government employees- the “Government can do no wrong” people speak, again!

The Washington Post put out a call for real stories of people that have actually been able to enroll!

Seriously, the Post was LOOKING for the mythical enrollees that all you DNC operatives rave about!

51000 total for 2 weeks, with a dozen states that have ZERO enrollees!! Billions spent over 3 YEARS and they can't even get the web sites to work!!

Apple sells more phones on the FIRST day of a new phone debut than the government will enroll in months!

Just like a visit to the DMV...and worse!

Yeah! Let these buffoons handle YOUR health care! You people DESERVE it!


Many more stories like this one than the LTE!!!!

Some hard-core liberals CAN be honest and not simply make things up- like the Independent Thinkers always try to do!

Even some democrat voters WILL remember that they were LIED to by this round of progressives come the next election.

A hit to the pocketbook is more noticeable and memorable than all the BS from MSNBC!!!!

“Awww! Daily Kos Scribe Whines That Obamacare Sent His Premiums Soaring”

--- Here's what "Tirge Caps" wrote about his first tangible encounter with Obamacare --
My wife and I just got our updates from Kaiser telling us what our 2014 rates will be. Her monthly has been $168 this year, mine $150. (emphasis added, and throughout). We have a high deductible. We are generally healthy people who don't go to the doctor often. I barely ever go. The insurance is in case of a major catastrophe.

Well, now, because of Obamacare, my wife's rate is gong (sic) to $302 per month and mine is jumping to $284.

I am canceling insurance for us and I am not paying any f* * *I n g penalty. What the
h e l l kind of reform is this?



If the Auto insurance mandate works so well, why would you be a fool not to carry "Uninsured Motorist" coverage? And, trust me, if you don't carry "Uninsured Motorist" coverage, you ARE a fool! Particularly in California.

"All sorts of stories" of people being notified that their spouses, and, dependents will be dropped from their health insurance. I know 3 families myself. More stories about those whose work schedules are being cut. Even more yet about layoffs, and business closings.

Everyone reading this was promised by Obama, Reid, Pellosi, Capps, and countless others in the, so called, news media that "if you like your plan you can keep it.". How does everybody feel about that? Is it true for you?

I don't ever recall saying that the ACA would help no one. As was pointed out in an earlier post, the preexisting condition situation was wrong. By the way, how did the evil insurance companies get away with that? Oh, that's right. Of course. They BOUGHT, AND PAID FOR MOST OF THE SAME POLITICIANS WHO VOTED FOR THIS!! Hmmm. Sorry.

The point to this is that, all though there are, and will be some who benefit from the ACA, many, many more are being harmed!

The average working family has been getting the he!! kicked out of them for the last 8 - 10 years. Both of the 2 major parties bare the total responsibility. THEY have been IN CHARGE!!

If you can't see that, no one can help you.


Government work, especially in the technology sector, is the lamest of the lame!

There is almost NOTHING government does that the private sector cannot do better and for far, far less!

“Why Government Tech Is So Poor- Fixing Procurement Process Is Key to Preventing Blunders Like Healthcare.gov”

--- Just before Healthcare.gov hobbled online, Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of health and human services, compared the federal health-care exchange to her iPad's new operating system….

…. That argument is as clueless as it is misleading. While it's true that Apple is fantastically wealthy, its product-development costs aren't necessarily greater than those of the federal government. As Fred Vogelstein reports in his coming book, Apple spent about $150 million developing the iPhone. The health-insurance exchange—which, let's remember, is merely a website meant to connect citizens to insurance companies, something quite a bit less complex than Apple's groundbreaking miniature computer—so far has cost at least $360 million, and possibly as much as $600 million.

So how can the government spend so much more on technology and not get anywhere near equal results?---



All of you Medicare folks who think you are safe from the implementation of Obamacare, think again. Monies from the Medicare system will have to help fund Obamacare.

Premiums for part B and supplemental insurance will go up dramatically and benefits will decrease, while co-payments will increase. Seniors will pay much more out of pocket than they are paying now. in addition, as a result, more doctors who are currently accepting Medicare will drop out and become "elderly concierge doctors" who accept cash only for their services. Think we have a divide now between health care for the poor and uninsured, the gap will widen tremendously. The rich and affluent will pay cash when they have to for the top doctors and the poor will rarely see any kind of MD. The poor and even middle class will only be able to see Nurse Practitioners and Physician assistants. Think there is no difference between Doctors and Nurses in their diagnostic ability and training, think again. It will be an especially big problem in the early stages of a disease where most folks could really benefit from top diagnostics and triage.

Have a Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare HMO.......good luck. Those plans will
probably not be sustainable and the doctors who run them will have to shut them down. Different areas will be affected differently depending on the type and ratio of sick and poor folks


UFirst of all, read the fine print; out of pocket expenses are an average $6500 per person, per year...so there goes your $8000. Secondly, auto insurance...really? I'm sure the uneducated fall for that moronic comparison, but they are nothing alike. The health insurance disaster Obamacare is creating is the federal government grabbing he citizens by the throat and saying "we gotcha now". Your health care quality is going to plummet, prices are going to sky-rocket, and the elderly are going to die off at an alarming rate, not to mention the taxes that will be born from this are phenomenal. Enjoy your little happy story and keep portraying how great Obamacare is, because it's going to sneak up on you and there's nothing you can do to stop it.


What does it mean that she "enrolled through an agent"? I have called Healthcare.gov twice in the past 2 days and both times was told they can't help me because their site is down. One told me to wait until November 30 and try to do it online after the glitches are fixed.


Well said, uscmom. Sadly, we got the typical result from our politicians making things political and ignoring the needs of our citizens - horrible legislation that could have and should have been better crafted.

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