California is noted nationally for the high-quality produce grown by our farmers. These vegetables and strawberries are sold nationally in many states.

If each state were to enact its own food-labeling requirement, producers could have as many as 50 different labeling requirements, depending upon which state the crop was destined for.

There would be a cost associated with managing these different labels, and it would burden the marketing of crops destined for interstate shipment.

Farmers believe food-labeling laws should be addressed nationally, not at the state or local level. While we sympathize with consumers who are concerned about knowing what they eat, they can select produce labeled as “Certified Organic” to avoid genetically engineered crops.

The organic labeling program is an example of a successful program enacted through legislation at the federal level. Proposition 37 is an attempt to make an end run around that process, seeking to convince California’s voters to support a patchwork of inconsistent labeling requirements.

Vote “no” on Proposition 37.

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WHAT!!?? You want MORE Federal regulations? Why not just ad the GMO to every label that is already on every single piece of fruits and vegetables, send it to all states, be a good boy now, and avoid the FEDS?

That so many California newspapers failed to understand the political realities that led to Prop 37 in the first place raises troubling questions about the relevance of proposition endorsements in general. Many Californians rely on their local papers to help them understand the numerous and complex ballot initiatives each election. But if editorial boards can’t bother to get their facts straight, they have abdicated their responsibility and simply cannot be trusted to offer voters fair recommendations. Maybe it’s time newspapers retired the practice altogether. If the debacle of Prop 37 editorials is any indication, the voting public would be better off doing its own homework.
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Vote yes on 37.

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