Just because the 1st Amendment protects your right to say it, does not mean it’s the patriotic thing to say.

Patriotism is cultural. We are a blended culture, a mixing pot. You cannot come here and simply dictate your culture. You must blend in.

Patriotism is family. Patriotism and morality are virtues. Patriotism is built upon a foundation of integrity.

Patriotism includes service to your country, in some form, any form. Not disservice.

Patriotism does not confuse the dedication to one’s country with the misdeeds of it’s government.

A patriot is not the enemy of all mankind. All mankind should be patriots.

Patriotism does not have to be divisive. Open your minds to the good and the bad, disregard and do not tolerate the evil.

One day, after all the mixing and blending, we can all be patriots and live in harmony, because we have become one.

Roger Hendrix

Santa Maria

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