A plan to make Grover Beach more efficient for bicycle commuters and recreational riders has been sent back to the staff and consultants for minor changes by the City Council.

After the changes are made, the revised plan will return to the council for reconsideration.

Once the plan is approved, the city will have met requirements for Bicycle Transportation Account funding for new bike lanes and bike facility improvements for the next five years.

The council was generally happy with the plan prepared by Firma Landscape Architects and Planners of San Luis Obispo and Omni-Means Engineers-Planners of Roseville and presented Nov. 15.

“They wanted some additional streets added (to the network of bike lanes) and some clarification of policy language,” explained City Manager Bob Perrault.

Specifically, the council wants bike lanes on Eighth Street, which serves City Hall, and on Newport Avenue from Front Street to Arroyo Grande.

“They want (the plan) to show in more detail the regional bike trail connections,” Perrault said. “And they want to show more connections to transit facilities.”

The costs

The plan cost about $14,400 to prepare, which is being covered by a Caltrans grant, according to a report from Kathy Petker, parks and recreation director.

“The bikeways are proposed to link neighborhoods to schools, commercial areas and employment centers,” Petker said in her report.

“They are also proposed in locations that facilitate recreational riding within the city and connections to regional bicycling routes.”

Two main areas are targeted for Class 1 bike lanes, which are paved and completely separated from motor vehicle traffic by open space and, in some cases, a barrier.

One is the Highway 1 and adjacent beach area.

Several options are proposed for the segment known as the Beach Cities Multiuse Trail along the highway, with costs ranging from $664,000 to $2.4 million.

The options include a bicycle/pedestrian overpass across the highway and Union Pacific Railroad tracks, which would cost an estimated $3.9 million.

The cost to implement class 2 and 3 lanes throughout the rest of the city is estimated at about $170,600.

Bike racks at parks and racks and lockers at the train station would add another $10,000.

The routes

Under the Highway 1 options, a Class 1 lane could be built along the east side of the highway from near Farroll Avenue to the northern city limits.

A Class 1 lane also could be built along the west side of the highway from West Grand to near Farroll Road.

However, that segment also could be a Class 2 lane — separated from the traffic lane by a white stripe and designated with signs and pavement stencils.

A Class 1 lane also is proposed from West Grand Avenue just west of Highway 1 to Le Sage Lane and the Beachfront Boardwalk north toward the butterfly grove and south toward Oceano.

The other area designated as a Class 1 lane is between the northwest ends of Margarita and Nacimiento avenues.

Class 2 lanes are proposed along most of the city’s major thoroughfares, including all Fourth Street within the city limits, South 13th Street from Atlantic City Avenue to The Pike and Oak Park Boulevard from El Camino Real to The Pike.

Bike lanes also would follow El Camino Real from Oak Park Boulevard to Five Cities Drive, Atlantic City Avenue from Front Street to Oak Park, West Grand Avenue from the beach to Oak Park, and Longbranch, Mentone and Farroll avenues as well as The Pike from South Fourth Street to Oak Park Boulevard.

Some of those bike lanes already exist and only need stripes and stencils repainted; others will need new stripes and stencils. A few streets will have to be paved to their full width to add the  lanes.

Only one Class 3 lane is proposed — along North 12th Street from Atlantic City Avenue to El Camino Real.

Class 3 lanes are not marked by stripes on the road, only designated with signs, and bicyclists share traffic lanes with motor vehicles.

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