Orcutt teachers wear black, voice concerns about compensation

Other districts reach agreements to give employee bonuses
2013-11-14T00:50:00Z 2013-12-12T11:40:21Z Orcutt teachers wear black, voice concerns about compensationLauren Foreman/lforeman@santamariatimes.com Santa Maria Times

Educators in the Orcutt Union School District wore black for solidarity Wednesday at what was the second district school board meeting union members attended to voice concerns about compensation.

District and Orcutt Educators Association representatives began contract negotiations Oct. 16 to discuss working days and hours, compensation and class size.

Monique Segura, president of the teachers union, said the district and union are not far apart from reaching an agreement about compensation, but teachers would like the district to contribute more money to ongoing salary increases.

“We haven’t had a raise in over eight years,” she said.

Educators reduced an initial request for a 9-percent raise to a 6-percent salary increase. District representatives offered a 2.5-percent salary raise, a 4-percent one-time bonus and a 0.5-percent increase toward health benefit costs.

Bob Bush, superintendent of the Orcutt district, said the district presented its best packaged deal to teachers at the first negotiation meeting.

“It’s a real difference in what they think we have and what we feel we have,” he said.

While some negotiation teams hold initial meetings and approach roadblocks to reaching agreements, other union and district representatives wrap up negotiations and salary talks in board meetings.

Classified union workers — which represent custodians, groundskeepers, cafeteria workers and other employees— have signed agreements and approved salary bumps in Blochman and Santa Maria Joint Union school districts.

School board members in the Blochman Union School District unanimously approved $2,000 stipends for certificated workers such as teachers and classified employees Tuesday.

“I am happy to announce we did reach an agreement for the 2013-14 school year,” said Doug Brown, superintendent of the district.

Eight teachers and 10 classified workers will receive the added funding in monthly installments from September to June. The bonus will be awarded in full for employees who work eight- hour days and on a sliding scale for those who work fewer than eight hours.

Contract negotiation talks that could affect class size, teacher evaluations, professional days and compensation are ongoing in the Lucia Mar Unified, Orcutt Union, Santa Maria-Bonita and Santa Maria Joint Union school districts.

Negotiations to continue:

The Guadalupe Union School District will consider a 3- percent, off-schedule raise (or bonus) for about 40 classified employees in a school board meeting tonight.

Negotiations with teachers will continue Wednesday.

Union and district representatives in the Santa Maria Joint Union High School District will meet Dec. 6 to continue negotiations, and salary conversations related to classified employees in the Lucia Mar Unified School District will follow a Wednesday meeting about district finances.

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(6) Comments

  1. San Ignacio de Loyola
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    San Ignacio de Loyola - November 14, 2013 8:42 pm

    As usual, CBrown reveals himself to be a fool with his inane and imbecile comments. Regular readers on this site know his reputation and understand he lacks credibility.

    Newbie, the good people of the Santa Maria Valley well understand the important contribution our outstanding Orcutt educators make to our youth everyday.

    We call on the Orcutt School Board to get off the dime and negotiate in good faith with our beloved teachers. If board members like Rob Buchanon and Bob Hatch cannot figure it how to appropriately compensate our great professional faculty, then the voters ought to throw them out of office in the next election.

    Just saying,

  2. Cbrown
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    Cbrown - November 14, 2013 1:56 pm
    Everybody is my opponent?

    No! Only you liberals that fail in your jobs and then demand more of my tax money. Simply because you think it is your turn for a raise! No explanation about the merit portion of why you should get a raise.

    If this was the private sector- your failing schools would be out-of-business!

    BTW: I never watch Fox News. Common sense already has informed me when it comes to their opinions about things.

    I spend most of my time watching news from the left. Like 30 hours a week of NPR, along with Huffington Post, Democrat Underground, Media Matters, etc. I want to know what the abusers are thinking in their twisted logic. Know thy enemy is key to understanding you guys.

    My experience has told me that people like YOU need to watch Fox and see what the other side is saying. You guys are always claiming to be open minded, tolerant, etc, but experience has shown that to not be true with you control freaks! Your way or the highway!

    Freedom? Only the things you want. Everyone else has to take a back seat to the liberal and what they want! What they FORCE on you!

    Tolerant only when people do exactly as you want them to do!
  3. newbie
    Report Abuse
    newbie - November 14, 2013 12:17 pm
    "you guys", "you", "you're", etc. etc. etc. Wow, everybody is your opponent. Pretty big chip!
    Happiness and tolerance must evade you, sad.

    By the way, it's disaster, not "disastor", there, not "their".

    Don't believe everything Fox news tells you. Have a nice day, try to be positive. I'll help.
  4. Cbrown
    Report Abuse
    Cbrown - November 14, 2013 11:52 am
    You're just upset that I fight back against you guys who START the fight! You're upset that not everyone has fallen for the public worker as some sacrificing hero that you like to believe.

    (Recent numbers from the BLS show that public workers call in sick TWICE as often as private workers as one example of your many problems)

    You FORCE people. using the power of abusive government, to make people do what you want. To give you their money. To give you control of their lives to YOU.

    Then you fail miserably in the things you claim you will do for us- and like King Claus- you make excuse after excuse for why you failed and why you need MORE money to make it work! Why it is someone else's fault.

    Leave people alone, follow the Constitution, let people live their lives as they choose and I will stop fighting back! There will be no fight once you guys STOP abusing people!

    As it stands, the public school system is a DISASTOR and you KNOW IT!

    Private schools will do better. How can they do ANY worse?

    Even if they fail, sometimes, it STILL will be better because the people are their by choice and not FORCE!
  5. newbie
    Report Abuse
    newbie - November 14, 2013 9:28 am

    DUH, it was a comment from the ORCUTT Educators Association, not SMHS!

    And...when did YOU get your master's degree like most teachers? Why don't YOU spend some time in today's public school classrooms? This isn't Kansas anymore!

    Is there anyone, any soul on this earth that YOU don't bitterly criticize? Haunting rarely read blogs complaining doesn't seem like a very fulfilling life.
  6. Cbrown
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    Cbrown - November 14, 2013 7:14 am
    The lack of a pay raise comment is simply not true!

    All Santa Maria High school district teachers get 11 pay raises in their first 22 years of work. They are automatic and built into their existing contract! The pay raises come without any proof that the teacher has gotten better at their job. Some may even get worse at their job and STILL get a pay raise!

    They can even get additional pay raises for getting more education.

    How many people in the private sector- the people who pay the salaries of the teachers- can claim 11 automatic pay raises in 22 years?

    Have YOU gotten any pay raise in the last few years during this terrible recession?

    Why do the teachers feel they deserve a pay raise when you look at the very poor quality work they do?

    See for yourself:


    Then scroll to page 87 for the salary schedule with all the pay raises.

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