A man who reportedly drove drunk and was involved in a car crash that killed one and injured four in Santa Maria over Memorial Day weekend was sentenced to five years in state prison Wednesday morning. 

Sergio Chagolla Chagolla, 29, pleaded guilty last month to felony driving under the influence with a blood alcohol content above the legal limit of 0.08. He also admitted having a BAC level over 0.15 percent, and admitted the special great bodily injury allegations. 

The total term in prison -- agreed to by prosecutor Madison Whitmore and defense attorney Melody Stewart -- will be five years in state prison, of which he must serve 85 percent. 

According to his complaint, Chagolla Chagolla's BAC level was reportedly 0.28 percent at the time of the crash.

Judge Gustavo Lavayen handed down the sentence, despite the attempts by the defendant's attorney to continue the sentencing because Chagolla Chagolla's wife had some urgent medical issues that needed his correspondence.

"She's placed on an emergency [organ] transplant list, and she's awaiting Medi-Cal approval and doesn't have a date of when that'd occur," Stewart said. "We're asking for a continuance so that my client could remain [in local custody] a bit longer to be able to have telephone communication with her.

"He believes that once he's sentenced to prison, he'd be unable to have telephone communication with her for up to 30 days." 

Whitmore, however, objected to the continuance, as there was no definitive timeline as to when Chagolla Chagolla could be sentenced given his wife's pending medical problems, and that the victim[s] in the case who didn't wish to be present for his sentencing Wednesday wanted the case to be resolved as soon as possible. 

"This case involves a loss of life, and we already negotiated the disposition, so I don't find good cause to delay sentencing," Whitmore argued, and the judge agreed. 

As investigated by the Santa Maria Police, four passengers were injured, and one woman, Lyvelyn Ordas Reyes, 57, died from her injuries as a result of the May 28 crash at the intersection of Railroad Avenue and Donovan Road.

While Chagolla Chagolla never faced a vehicular manslaughter charge, which the judge questioned, the prosecution indicated that admitting two special great bodily injury enhancements carries a greater consequence for the defendant in this particular case.

Along with his five-year prison sentence, of which Chagolla Chagolla incurred 357 days of custody credit since his arrest in May, he must also pay victim restitution. The remaining counts -- DUI causing injury and misdemeanor driving on a suspended or revoked license -- were dismissed. 

Gina Kim covers crime and courts for Santa Maria Times. Follow her on Twitter @gina_k210