Passengers talking in airplane.

In America, we travel a lot, and that includes frequently flying. With the airline industry improving in most recent years, each airline has their own perks, but how do you choose which one is the best? According to Business Insider and Skytrax, based on boardings, baggage, customer satisfaction, and on-time performance, these are the top 5 ranked airlines in America.

5. Delta

Delta continues to improve in all areas of customer satisfaction, with one of the lowest passenger denial rates at 0.10 per 10,000 passengers. Along with a low denial rate, Delta also has a healthy 30 inches of legroom, making the customers feel even more satisfied. Delta received an overall score of 5/10. 

4. Hawaiian

Hawaiian has the best on-time performance with a 91.1% satisfaction rate, and also one of the lowest denied boarding scores at 0.05 per 10,000 passengers. Although their in-flight entertainment and legroom was rated as an average 3 out of 5, Hawaiian Airlines staff service earns them the 6/10 rating on our list. To stay more comfortable try this neck pillow.

3. Jet Blue

Jet Blue has shown significant improvements in the number of customer complaints and lost baggage, bringing them up to spot #3. Although they have ample amounts of legroom at 32 inches, where they’ve dropped in rating from their #2 spot last year was in on-time performance. Jet Blue’s overall score with Skytrax is 6/10.

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2. Virgin America

Virgin America was ranked the number one airlines in 2015, and in 2016 saw even more improvements amongst passengers, especially in value for money. Other areas in which VA was ranked best as a 4 star airline were in-flight entertainment, seat comfort, and staff service, giving them an overall score of 7/10. To maximize that score, keep your luggage compact for more leg room and space. 

1. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has seen an on-time performance increase of 87.3% in the past year, making it to spot #1 on our list of airline rankings. They are also on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of legroom and ultimate comfort, with 31 inches of space. Overall, Skytrax gives Alaska Airlines a 7/10 as a 3 star airline.