Timo Amoy 1


Here are two new ways to enjoy music at home or out and about:

First up is the Timo Amoy 1 soundbase system, which provides deep, rich sound to your television. Most TVs today don't come with terrific sound; you have to add to it. You used to have to have five speakers placed around a room to get anything decent.

I found that the sound from the Amoy 1 vs. TV  was much richer and the bass, in particular, was noteworthy as it allowed you to hear so many of nuances that were not present from the TV speakers.

Timo Corbett Mini


The second new device, the Timo Corbett Mini, has a number of features that might work for people on the the go.

The big news here is that it's waterproof. In fact, the unit can actually be submerged. If you do drop it in the pool it will even float to the surface.

You can also use it while biking, hiking, sitting in a park or even doing yoga.

The casing is dust- and shock-proof. It's super compact and weighs only .07 pounds.

The Timo Corbett Mini works via Bluetooth, and you can also insert an SD card.

There is a thread mounting on the bottom of the device so you can mount the device to poles or other hardware.

iRig Pro Duo Studio Suite


Have you ever wanted to record your own music or spoken word?

This suite gives you everything you would need to do so. Included is a professional grade audio interface (works on Mac, PC, IOS and Android), studio-quality microphone, headphones and all the cables.

It all works with GarageBand or other popular recording applications.

The two-channel audio/MIDI interface can input a microphone and a guitar or keyboard at the same time so you can lay down initial tracks and then add to them in the recording process.

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What I really like about this suite is that for not a lot of money anyone can start recording their own music to get it out there. You don't need to pay a studio a ton of money to make your demo.

Just pick up and play, sing or speak because life is too short to sit and watch.

Ehang -- Ghostdrone 2.0


For someone on your list who is a thrill seeker, the Ghostdone 2.0 might be the perfect gift.

The big news here is that it has 4K Ultra HD video camera on board that captures 12 megapixel photos and 4K video.

The built-in battery has 25 minutes of flight time per charge and the device will automatically return in case the low battery or lost communication comes on.

Controlled by your iPhone, it mimics the movement of your phone, and  it comes with VR googles to really see what your are filming.

I liked that it only weighs 2.54 pounds.

Wireless range is 3,280 feet and it has internal GPS.

This is a great way to get up and start really seeing from a different perspective.

Diana Stoneberg, aka Gadget Grrl, who hails from the Central Coast, can be found at www.gadgetgrrl.com or GADGETGRRL on Twitter.