The Boston Athletic Association has declared that the Boston Marathon will take place next year.

I think that is the right call.

I agree with those that say the terror that happened there this year will change the Boston Marathon forever. I also agree with those that say what happened there will be one of those “Where were you....?” moments.

Where was I? I was in front of my television set, casually about to watch an episode from a TV series when I saw the breaking news. I was in a state of shock, just as everyone else who saw or heard the news was.

Nonetheless, the race must go on.

The Boston Marathon is a wonderful slice of life, at least as much about fellowship as it is about running. To cancel the 2014 race because of the bombings would be a victory for terror.

Just getting out of bed each morning is taking a certain risk. Shutting oneself up inside four walls won’t solve anything. Neither would calling off the race.

Kiwanis All-Star game

Here’s a suggestion: Shorten the Kiwanis Central Coast All-Star Basketball Spectacular games to four eight-minute quarters instead of two 20-minute halves.

I had no problem with the length of the games last Saturday, both of which the North (San Luis Obispo County) squads won. I did have a problem with the effect the length of the game had on many of the players, at least in the girls game.

Most of the players hadn’t played since February, when most of their seasons ended. They were not in basketball shape and, at least in the girls game, it showed.

MVP Hannah Gilbert (Morro Bay) of the North did seem to get her second wind. Many others, though, were visibly laboring and some players looked thoroughly gassed.

Over-tired players were committing fouls they usually wouldn’t commit because, well, they were too tired to move their feet properly. There was a whole lot of reaching going on. A total of 56 fouls were called, and there could have been a lot more.

There will be a time when players who are moving on to play basketball in college will have to transition from a 32-minute game to a 40-minute game. A high school All-Star basketball game with most players about two months removed from their previous game should not be that time.