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Monica Gauna
Branch Manager

How can I find out more about participating
in the weekly advertising feature “Ask A
Easy! Call your local, experienced Santa Maria Times
Account Executive and have them visit your business
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your needs.
This program includes the benefit of
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Everyone has their own ideas on what constitutes
a “good hire”, somebody with great experience?
Great skills in the field they are applying for? A good
attitude? Super references? All of these things can
describe a great prospect, but have you ever thought
somebody “Green” might be the best hire?

Let’s look at one point of view.
• Young people are not burdened by years of
• They haven’t learned or been told what’s right
and wrong. Therefore they are willing to try new
• An unhindered mind, nothing is off limits.
• Nothing like youthful enthusiasm.
• Certainly young ones are more easily molded.
• No habits, routines and scripts brought from previous
experience that may detract from their new position.
This is certainly not what those of us experienced in our field
want to hear. What do you think?
2011 S. Broadway St, Suite N
Santa Maria, CA 93454
Tel (805) 928-9667
Fax (805) 928-7123


Frank Culley
Why shouldn’t I shut off my main

All too often I receive a call from someone who had
shut off the main breaker so they could do some
electrical repair. They call me because they can’t turn
the main breaker back on and thus they have no power. The
main breaker should only be used for emergencies such as
the Fire Department. Use the smaller breakers to turn off the
power. Sometimes an electrician can reset these main breakers,
but if not, it must be replaced and this requires a complete
PG&E power shut down.

“The Intelligent Choice”
[805] 934-7091
1010 W. Betteravia
Santa Maria, CA 93455


John Burgess
If I purchase Starkey hearing aids from your office and then
move out of the area will I still be able to get them serviced?

Yes. Starkey is a Billion dollar company with
offices world wide and nearly any hearing aid
office or audiologist can work on them for you,
even if you are traveling and one has an issue.
The exception is that the franchise offices such
as Beltone or Miracle Ear and box stores such as Costco
may refuse service unless purchased from them. They may
also “lock” the aids they sell so you cannot go elsewhere for
service. We repair and service all products unless they have
locked us out.

(805) 922-2884

The advice and opinions expressed here are those of the advertisers, not the Santa Maria Times. Although the Santa Maria Times makes every
attempt to screen all of our professionals carefully, it is not responsible for the accuracy provided herein. The Times recommends the use of
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